Talia Ben-Joseph, MA, MEd, BCPC, LPC, CCTP


About my patients

Sometimes words are not enough and talk therapy is not the only way. I integrate talk therapy with a broad spectrum of experiential techniques that engage the mind, body, and soul. I treat children, adolescent,  and young adults. Adults are seen on a case by case basis. 

I treat clients with mood disorders including bipolar and related disorders, general anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, selective mutism, phobia, panic disorder, OCD, agoraphobia, trauma, PTSD, grief and loss, emotional dysregulation, social challenges, learning disabilities, ADHD, chronic medical issues, pain management, conversion disorder, sleep disorders including insomnia, attachment issues, pre and post adoption, anger management, stress management, executive functioning problems, and women issues. I also treat Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) including Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and Early Intervention (EI).


About me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Expressive Therapist, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.  I hold a MA degree from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the primary university for Expressive Therapies in the country. I also hold a MA degree in Exceptional Education. I have worked with children, adolescents, adults and families in community settings, schools, and outpatient mental-health clinics.  My practice is based on neuroscience research. The American Psychotherapy Association and the American Association of Integrative Medicine recognized my achievements and I received designations of Diplomate and Fellow. 


My promise to my patients

I view the body, mind, and spirit as being integrally connected. This perspective has led me to continuous post-graduate training in the latest evidence based neuroscience research techniques that can help speed up the healing process and facilitate mind-brain changes in people of all ages. Research in the fields of affective neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology affirm the integration of the modalities that I use with my clients. I have been fortunate to witness how neuroplasticity comes into action with the most challenging clients of all ages.

Treat the whole person

Rewire the Heart Mind and Soul

My therapeutic approach is integrative, transformative, and relational using the most advanced evidence based therapeutic techniques. I offer a range of therapeutic modalities to provide each client with a rich set of resources for healing. Cutting edge research in  the field of neuroscience and particular in the field of interpersonal neurobiology affirms the integration of the modalities that I apply in my practice

Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Most therapeutic approaches leave the body out of the equation. I believe that mind body integration is crucial  for the healing process and therefore I treat the whole person integrating all parts of the authentic self. I specialize in applying an integrative-holistic therapeutic framework to psychotherapy and mental health. It facilitates deep and meaningful therapeutic process leading to lasting results in significantly less time

For my clients with special needs

In addition to my regular office, I have a dedicated therapeutic-activity room for my clients with special needs where they activate their whole self by engaging both mind and body.  I employ a broad spectrum of experiential sensory-based therapeutic modalities to maximize cognitive social and emotional outcomes. I specialize in applying mind-body oriented psychotherapy to help my clients  live more meaningful life by integrating heart mind body and soul in the therapeutic process.



Licensed Professional Counselor

Board Certified Professional Counselor

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Diplomate of the American Association of Integrative Medicine

Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association

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